In the immediate vicinity of the domain you will find a lot of things to do to keep you busy including.
Many sports activities as well, as walking and visiting a lot of tourist sites.
In short, a lot of fun awaits you here in the Ardeche area.
Beginners or experts or anybody who is interested in sports will love adapting themselves tot the exciting and challenging experiences that await them.

The wild and fantastic nature around our domain will surely surprise you with or without a guide everybody can make here the most exiting excursions.

The famous Gorges de l’Ardèche is only 15 min away from the domain and you can swim or kayak or canoe in the river.
There are many ways to explore the region, Qaud bikes, horses, mountain bikes, motorcycle, bike along very picturesque routes along narrow paths, the choice is yours.

Once on your way, you can stop at one of the many wine-farms, to taste a typical French country-wine.

Not to be forgotten, are the many market places in beautiful villages and grottes and museums.
L’Ardèche, department where all your dreams comes truth !
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